Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2014 wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors.

Organising sponsor

agile42 - the Agile coaching company

agile42 are experts in helping organizations of all sizes and from all industries to successfully adopt Agile and Lean methods. Depending on your needs they can guide and support your company through an Agile/Lean Transition as well as support your teams in using specific approaches line Kanban and Scrum. They introduce proven practices and, more importantly, help your teams understand the principles behind the practices.

Gold sponsors


VersionOne helped pioneer the agile management tool in 2002 – way before it was the cool thing to do in the software development market. Today they remain an enterprise software company that has been 100% dedicated to agile life cycle management since day one. Their mission, and associated company tagline, Agile Made Easier, is to simplify the process of software delivery via the industry’s most open, comprehensive agile life cycle management platform.

inspearit – Aligning for Customer Value

For those who want to break away from Waterfall or V model development and implement agile techniques to streamline their delivery cycle, inspearit is a company who can enable the transition and focus on changes that make a true difference. Their experience allows clients to assess and monitor the technical debt resulting from trade-off between short-term and long-term value to optimize the delivery of capabilities.


avanscoperta is a consulting and training company focusing on software development. The goal is to help develop useful, efficient, quality software that makes a difference. They’re aiming to be a growth engine, stimulating and promoting the spread of skills and disciplines, indispensable for companies growth and survival, and to foster a community of professionals, learning together by sharing experiences, tips, ideas and informations way beyond the training duration.

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