Jasper Sonnevelt

Jasper Sonnevelt

Jasper SonneveltJasper Sonnevelt is an Agile Coach with Xebia in The Netherlands. He helps team and organisations adopt a Leaner way of working. He has experience working in and around a teams with various levels of Agile maturity in both Scrum and Kanban environments. Jasper is Accredited Kanban Coach and Accredited Kanban Trainer.




We are getting so few complaints about you guys. There MUST be something wrong

At a large governmental organization we started with one scrum team, but it very quickly became clear that there was only one way to really make it work: Go big or go home. This talk will be about the challenges we faced in a organization that almost only works with third party (off site) contractors, a new way of working in a very political environment. We were successful to a point where higher level managers got nervous because they didn’t hear any complaints.

This talk might be interesting for you if you work in large organizations where you have to work with more traditional project management methods and if you feel that just focusing on your own team is simply not getting you enough results.

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