Jabe Bloom

Jabe Bloom

An award-winning international speaker on Lean Software and Product Development, Lean Management, and Lean Startup, Jabe Bloom has keynoted conferences like LeanUX NYC and the ACE Conference as well as chairing the first Psychology and Sociology track in the Lean Kanban conference series. He uses his deep practical experience and extensive theoretical research to inform his public speaking and to provide mentorship to a diverse group of colleagues, clients and entrepreneurs. Most recently, he has been exploring the social mind at work, applying sociology and psychology and experimenting with how the co-evolution of systems and individuals impacts innovation.

Decision Economies

In many organizations we examine the output of a system, plan or strategy to determine if it was successful. “Where are we” and “is this where we want to be”, the evaluation of outcomes, is of course a critical to the learning capability of any organization. Unfortunately, a myopic focus on a goal/outcome driven approach has resulted in many organizations not be able to answer a related question “How did we get here?”

Organizations who make the effort to be mindful of decisions, and relate those decisions more clearly to outcome become more effective and learn faster than.

Jabe Bloom will describe how organizations can be more mindful of, who is making decisions, how decisions are made, the effects of decision fatigue and establishing a Decision Economy to begin valuing and distributing decisions more effectively.

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