Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks
Luca Mascaro
Luca Mascaro Sketchin

Luca Mascaro has 10+ years working on experience design and strategic design for digital products and services. In 2006 he founded Sketchin, a Swiss based design studio that working on user experience design and strategic consultancy all over the world for big digital brands like Google, Yahoo, eBay, Moleskine, ENI, RCS, MTV e Swisscom.

Lean experience design

In the Customer Age design has become one of the most powerful business ally in the challenge to create and offer products and services that can provide superior quality experiences. Many companies and brands dare to take this challenge during the design of their services but usually they eve never applied an iterative and incremental approach.

So how is possible to develop an experience design project in a complex context with a lean approach and what are the effects on the client? I will present a real case regarding the redesign of the Gazzetta dello Sport experience and the impact on stakeholders in sharing, learning and refining an imperfect, incomplete and impermanent design.

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Giulio Roggero
Giulio Roggero Agile Reloaded

Giulio Roggero is co-founder of Agile Reloaded, a start-up specialized in Lean-Agile coaching. He helps Italian Companies to improve their processes and products through coaching and mentoring people using Agile and Lean.

He is also a co-founder of, a social publishing platform for mobile applications and CTO of Intre, a software house specialized in edge technologies for the industrial automation.

Kanban Portfolio Management supported by Canvas, a Case Study.

In 5 minutes a real case study about visual portfolio management will be presented. To avoid that business ideas would have been forgotten in a Word document for months an approach to portfolio management is being introduced. A Kanban board for demand management visualizes the evolution of several initiatives of the company with the support of Canvas: Vision Board, Business Model Canvas and Product Canvas. After 7 month from the kickoff of this transitions the business and technical departments are better aligned, risks are highlighted earlier and the most valuable initiatives have been speed up. The transition is in progress and a lot of work is still to be done. This short presentation is an evidence that Visualisation, WIP and Pull are simple and powerful concepts to improve time to market and organisation strategies.

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Gaetano Mazzanti
Gaetano Mazzanti agile42


Gaetano Mazzanti’s experience includes coaching and training in Europe and Asia. As a strong advocate of Agile and Lean values and principles, he is helping companies to change, transitioning to more effective organizations and processes. His background includes 20+ years as a manager and executive in the Machinery and Software Industry.He worked in USA and India leading distributed teams in advanced projects (CAD/CAM, PLM, Industrial Automation, Plant Control and Supervision).

You Don’t Need to Change. Survival is Optional

Today there’s general consensus – and a lot of noise – about the need for change. Still, organizations are having a hard time with change. Most change initiatives fail. Sometimes it’s just a matter of lack of will to change. Sometimes organizations just don’t even understand why or what they have to change. Change is often believed to be magically reachable designing new processes on paper, possibly paying huge amounts of money to consultants.  The talk will introduce the Kanban Method (not to be confused with the Kanban Tool) as an evolutionary approach to managing change and as a way to build a learning and adapting organization

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